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Getting Started with Contract Lifecycle Management? Pick the Lowest Hanging Fruits!

Managing the contract lifecycle and making the most of contract data is one of the all-time top priorities of corporate legal teams. Improving contract management efficiency is easier with new technologies, yet there’s typically a gap between the importance of these challenges and success in solving them. Given there are many contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions available on the market, it is rather confusing to understand which capabilities really drive the most value. Here’s an overview of our partner tool ZEFORT (recently rebranded from Aivan.AI) explaining how they differentiate their tool on the legaltech market. 

The approach that ZEFORT took in developing their contract lifecycle management platform was a practical one. From prior experience in corporate business environment, the founders were aware that added complexity increases the risks of delays and stone walls in an organization’s CLM project. So, instead of aiming for the moon from the get-go, they enable picking the lowest-hanging fruits that provide organizations with immediate benefits.

Here’s a list of the top three benefits of the ZEFORT platform:


1. Get all your contracts in one place

It’s not uncommon that contracts are spread across the organization. Some are stored in shared drives, some on personal laptops, some in various email inboxes and some contracts are just missing.

To make it easier to locate the needed contracts, you should not need to do detective work to know where to start looking. Everyone involved in your company should know where start when a contract is needed.


2. Make it possible to ‘google’ your contract base

Sometimes you just know that your have written an identical contract cause that you need right now. You just don’t remember the exact contract where you wrote it – so you end up re-writing it to save time.

What if you could quickly “google” the clause, just by entering a couple of keywords in a search field?

In the 1990’s, metadata was essential in every content management system. If metadata was missing, it was practically impossible to find a particular document. Today, Google has taught us how easy it should be to find the needle in a haystack – quickly and easily.

An effective search feature is definetely something you want to have in your contract management system.


3. Save contract-related emails in the same location with a given contract

Most contracts involve a lot of email discussion, both before and after the contract is signed. This includes interpretations on specific clauses, discussion on ordering options, changes to pricing or simply sending a notice of termination.

These emails are directly connected to the contract and its application. Having them only in individual persons’ inboxes is actually a significant risk for a company. What if you have to prove a termination of contract and the essential email is missing, for example?

Today, you should be able to save all of your contract-related emails in the same location as your contracts. What’s more, doing this should be easy to ensure that it actually gets done. And, having these emails discoverable with that Google-like search engine is bound to save you a lot of time.

With ZEFORT, you get to grab these low-hanging fruits and make the most of your contract database. We help you get started and optimize your contract management efforts. Contact us for further insights, we’re happy to share our experience with using ZEFORT and lead your contract lifecycle management to success.

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