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Navigating Data: GDPR Compliance, Process & Technology Strategies

2020-07-30 @ 13:00 - 14:00

Data Management Nalytics Webinar

InvestCEE’s webinar and online event series continues with partner events! We share learning opportunities through our legaltech partners in order to enable digital transformation for legal and business teams across Central Eastern Europe (CEE). This time, our partner platform Nalytics offers a unique informative view of what is going on today with regards to data protection, data management and compliance across the globe. The virtual session takes place on Thursday, July 30, 1pm CET. Join us!




Use THIS LINK to register for the online session where you will interact with Andrew Chilvers from MAPS Solutions hosted by the event organizer Nalanda Technology B.V. 

In 2020 everything changed forever — that is what people will say when they look back at the year. As Covid-19 gripped the globe, organisations finally understood how vulnerable they were when faced with the ongoing tsunami of largely unstructured big data.

With the transformation of the workplace – and the overnight rise in home working – organisations were suddenly desperate to introduce news ways of operating. This included the application of new technology to help with the digital transformation of all services – and this transformation in turn required a more robust approach to cybersecurity in the face of ballooning cyberattacks.

Underpinning all these changes was data management and, in particular, data protection compliance. Internal and external compliance regimes in organizations needed to adapt quickly to the new normal. In this webinar, the organizers will look at this altered landscape and at the changing nature of data protection compliance – which is critical for the security of the world in which we find ourselves.



In this increasingly interconnected, digital and complex world, we have been pioneers in establishing a legal innovation ecosystem that brings together legal technology providers, legal and business know-how and implementation expertise as a unique approach to innovation in the legal industry. It is a multilayered service offering that aligns and combines the best of legal technology, methodology and human expertise, so that our clients (corporate legal teams and law firms) can customize technology to fit seamlessly into their organizations. This data management webinar session is a unique opportunity to understand how our partner platform Nalytics can be used for GDPR compliance purposes!



We previously shared our 7-step Plan for Implementing Technology in Legal Data Projects and highlighted the key considerations for legal and business teams to make the most of smart legal technology.

In the blog post dedicated to Legal Data Analytics for Law Firms and Legal Departments, we outlined the importance of a legal data strategy in preparation of a robotic process automation project. We have also highlighted the various steps that any organization needs to take before launching a legal automation project.

In 5-Step Plan for Contract Data Analytics, we outlined the actual steps we advise clients to take to improve access to legal and business data and drive efficiencies in their processes.


Can’t make it to the webinar on July 30? Make sure to check out our Blog & Events page for next sessions and further insights on implementing legal technology. Also, you can reach out to us to schedule a private online demo session with our team.

We look forward to you joining us for the Nalytics Data Management Webinar!


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