eSign Day Hungary - Electronic Signature Conference 2022
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eSign Day Hungary: Digital Signature Conference 2022

June 30

eSign Day 2022

Since year 2000, June 30 marks the anniversary of the ESIGN Day in the United States. As electronic signatures are increasingly part of everyday business life on a global scale, the ESIGN Day is becoming a cause for celebration in various jurisdictions across continents. At InvestCEE we view eSigning as a true cornerstone of digital transformation and are delighted to take part in the second eSign Day Conference to be hosted in Hungary in 2022.


In Hungary and across the CEE region, eSignature has not yet reached the point that it is taken for granted (as is the case in the US by now). Hence we welcome the trendsetting initiative of the Hungarian Association for Electronic Signature (MELASZ) in collaboration with Integrity Kft. and the Hungarian Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI) to launch the eSign Day annual conference series. While this will be a Hungarian-language all day event, we hope it provides inspiration for jurisdictions across our region and beyond. Jointly with our Hungarian digital law firm partner SimpLEGAL, we’ll be hosting a 20-minute webinar on Digital Contracting: the State of Legal Technology in Practice — if you speak Hungarian, save the date and join us online on June 30, 12.35 pm CET (to 12.55 pm)!

Sign up HERE to attend the conference or reach out to us with any questions regarding eSigning and digital contracting!



22 years ago, the US Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN). The ESIGN Act ensured the legal validity of contracts entered into using eSignatures and records. By now we know that this turned out to be a milestone in the history of contract management across jurisdictions and opened the door to a whole new level of contracting. Also, the ESIGN Act provided inspiration globally for the legal framework for electronic signatures and paved the way towards a trusted digital economy for all.

Join Orsolya Szabó from InvestCEE on June 30, 12.35 pm CET (to 12.55 pm) to learn about tips and tricks of digital contracting assisted by various legal technology solutions. While this webinar is a swift overview of using legaltech tools for digital contracting, InvestCEE has been partnering with SimpLEGAL for several years and we jointly previously issued a report on e-Signature in Hungary: a Practical Guide. We’d recommend this eSign Day conference as a source of inspiration for both in-house legal teams and private practice attorneys in Hungary.




Here’s the link to download the Hungarian language version of our Practical Guide on eSigning in Hungary.

If you’re getting started with digital transformation in legal context, check our insights on how document automation enables digital legal business. We had also previously looked at document automation as a back-end tool of legal service delivery. Our publicly available webinar recordings are also available HERE.

Once document templates are automated and implemented in an organization, it’s time to move forward in the contract life cycle. In this 5-Step Plan for Contract Data Analytics, we outlined the actual steps we advise clients to take to improve access to legal and business data and drive efficiencies in their processes.

Get us involved for your legal innovations projects and make the most of your legal technology investments! Contact the InvestCEE Team.



Magyar Elektronikus Aláírás Szövetség (MELASZ)
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