Legal Operations Health Check powered by Xakia Technologies

We are joining the legal operations evaluation project launched by Xakia Technologies to assess the state of in-house legal departments. The survey tool underlying the project is the Legal Operations Health Check created by Xakia three years ago. Now it is time to analyze the data inflow from corporate legal teams across the globe. Accordingly, the health check survey will be available until June 30, 2020. Then, jointly with other organizations in the legal industry (Legal Operators, UpLevel Ops, , Norton Rose Fulbright and Lawit Group) we will prepare an eBook summarizing the trends and benchmarks globally. InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy will be evaluating and analyzing the CEE data region.

The free Legal Operations Health Check was designed to evaluate legal teams of all sizes and provide actionable tactics to be more effective and efficient. The health check takes about 20 minutes by completing a quick survey over 10 primary categories essential for legal departments. Within 24 hours, teams receive a valuable assessment of their legal department that includes:

↠ An overall health score, as well as scores for each category,

↠ Benchmarks for departments of similar size,

↠ Benchmarks for departments in the same industry, and

↠ Recommended priorities and resources.

Forward-looking and strategically driven legal departments typically take a far more proactive stance than their peers in more traditional departments. Modern legal departments aim to actively create value to the organization at large rather than operating as a cost center that only reacts to and performs legal requests.  So how do proactive legal teams track key performance indicators (KPIs) or the value created for the business? How does a given legal department measures up in a particular industry and data region?

Ready to evaluate the health of your department?

The Legal Operations Function: Data & Strategy

Modern legal departments work to leverage KPIs, as well as matter and legal data management primarily through data-driven technology. Smart legaltech tools enable teams to gain control of their legal department activity and better understand various metrics, including:

the type and amount of legal requests,

internal and external legal spend,

budget forecasting,

matter management,

↠ levels of risk and complexity in legal workstreams, and

↠ strategic value of legal work.

Accordingly, forward-looking legal teams aim to shift away from the solely time-driven valuation of legal work and instead focus on enhancing the overall strategic value of the business organization. Tracking and measuring data enables more effective administration of legal departments, and metrics are a critical resource legal workstreams become more data-driven.


The Legal Operations Health Check
The Legal Operations Health Check survey created by Xakia Technologies brings together learnings from the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium and the ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model. This 100 point check is designed for legal departments of any size, and the questions asked are designed to be relevant to any organization, whether the legal team includes 2 or 2000 members.
By taking the Legal Operations Health Check in June 2020, legal teams benefit from:


an efficient way to self-assess current legal operations capabilities,

an immediate assessment report which identifies top priorities and some resources to point the legal team in the right direction, and

↠ an eBook that will evaluate and analyze in detail the anonymized survey results, trends and benchmarks globally.


Confidentiality Note: Xakia will not release or sell your personally identifiable information to any third party. The Legal Operations Health Check survey is offered as a diagnostic tool for in-house legal departments and Xakia and the assessment teams will keep all information confidential and handle any personal information in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

For more insights and know-how regarding the Xakia Legal Hub, take a look at the legal data analytics webinar video below. Or reach out to us if  you are curious about a full demo of the platform.

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