Legal Technology Audit for Corporate In-House Departments & Law Firms

Legal Technology Audit: Digital Maturity Survey & Analysis

When conducting a legal technology audit in a corporate in-house department or law firm (of any size), we assess a legal team’s digital maturity and help define an innovation strategy going forward. A LegalTech audit is a preliminary step for thoughtfully implementing emerging technologies into corporate legal operations and law firm practice.

Our assessment report along with an overview of new and innovative tools designed for legal work, enables lawyers to streamline their daily tasks, build business flexibility into their practices and provide a more effective and highly responsive legal service.



A technology audit examines a legal team’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and dives into the granular evaluation of the information systems, working practices, business processes and daily operations in performing legal tasks. In this blog post, we explain the working methodology of InvestCEE’s expert team and share our online survey tools dedicated to corporate in-house departments and law firms, respectively.


Legal Technology Audit: Our 3-Step Process

So how does a legal technology audit unfold? Here’s our step-plan:

  • Step 1: Take the free online survey. Instructions & questions overview are included upfront in both of our surveys: one dedicated to in-house legal departments and the other one designed for law firms. Time required: approx. 10-25 minutes – depending on how deeply you aim to dive into the topics we covered in the questions.
  • Step 2: We assess your responses & send you a summary report. InvestCEE legaltech advisors will review the submitted responses and prepare a customized summary report. We will contact the respondents in due course with our feedback and suggestions. Our team will perform this preliminary analysis free of charge.
  • Step 3: Follow-up brainstorming. With legal teams who so request, we’ll schedule a free brainstorming call to plan ahead and go beyond the preliminary assessment enabled by the surveys. We hope these informative sessions will lead to highly innovative and results-oriented legaltech projects with your organizations. If you’re curious how we work in project context, here’s a digital contracting case study from last year.

What Does a LegalTech Audit Cover?

In preparation for a detailed legal technology audit, we first gather information through our initial survey for in-house legal teams and our preliminary questionnaire for law firms. We do not generally conduct on-site visits in the case of corporate legal departments, whereas a law firm IT audit often includes an in-person examination of computers, printers, servers, and software/applications used to share information or data across the firm. It is possible to perform a remote technology overview under the right circumstances and with the adequate support of the law firm management.

Here’s a list of the key focus areas for our assessment report:

Agenda for Corporate In-House Teams Agenda for Law Firms
  • Workflow Management
  • Legal Team Management
  • External Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Technology Tools
  • Communications
  • Legal Work Streams
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT Team
  • Hardware Infrastructure
  • Connection Points to Internet
  • Core Production Systems
  • IT Security
  • Systems Continuity
  • Employee IT Support

The online survey or questionnaire helps us dive into relevant details and achieve more results in less time, while also helping to keep the cost of the audit to a minimum. The questionnaire also serves the purpose of getting all stakeholders involved in thinking about how technology is affecting their working routines, their performance and productivity throughout the day, as well as communication and workflow across departments and among team members. We cover all these aspects in our assessment report.

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What Information Do Legal Teams Receive as a Result of a LegalTech Audit?

In addition to demonstrating the state of digital maturity and tech-assisted workflows, a legal technology audit report also often serves as a strategic plan for future investments. Our report helps legal leaders to upgrade their existing technology toolkit and improve internal or client-facing work processes. Report conclusions may include recommendations for data-driven matter management, digital contracting solutions, document automation tools or AI-assisted legal workstreams.

It is important to note that while a legal technology audit addresses components of systems security, it is not an IT security audit. A security audit focuses on all aspects of corporate or law firm security, including computers, servers, routers, switches as well as databases, mobile device and website security. A legal technology audit may however include a recommendation for a security audit to be undertaken.

Get us Involved for a LegalTech Audit

Performing a legal technology audit involves essential yet time-consuming assessment work. For legal teams, a self-assessment would easily interfere with existing responsibilities, so it easily gets sidetracked. Having an experienced legal technology advisor on your side offers the extra advantage of objective evaluation, accurate analysis, and expert support for strategic planning ahead.

Use the contact form below to send us your questions or simply register for an online brainstorming session to learn how we can help you.

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