Legal Technology Testing: 2024 Summer Program

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Summer is the best time to escape workday routines and pressing timelines. A good mix of relaxation and active rest days can fully recharge our batteries for the next business cycle. It is in this context that we offer our professional community a flexible testing opportunity over the summer (June-August) for the legal technology solutions listed in our 2024 LegalTech Toolkit and beyond. 

Legal teams are continuously under pressure to deliver their professional services as efficiently as possible. Corporate legal departments and law firms are equally expected to contribute more to their clients’ optimization efforts and to offer smart solutions in strategic legal matters and business initiatives. Irrespective of the size of a legal team, sourcing and implementing an adequate technology toolkit is a necessity. The legal technology testing program helps in-house counsel and law firm attorneys to: explore legaltech solutions of their preference, access free demos (pre-recorded or live), discover best practices, benefit from InvestCEE’s special partner packages and implement tools to scale their legal operations.

How will the Legal Technology Testing unfold?

➤ To sign up: send us an email or let us know your specific requests via this contact form;

➤ Summer test period: June 15 through August 31, 2024

➤ Technology solutions included:

  • Zefort >> zero effort contract management
  • Xakia >> in-house legal hub, matter management, reporting
  • M-Files Ment >> visual document automation for lawyers
  • Matters.Cloud >> legal practice management
  • ClauseBase >> clause library & dynamic legal drafting
  • Dealsign >> end-to-end digital contracting & negotiation
  • Nalytics >> smart search & data analytics for lawyers
  • GoodID >> customer identification & e-signature portal
  • Corporify >> digital corporate housekeeping & legal entity management

Benefits of the summer program

Most of our clients like to play around with the software tools, test particular features and check integration opportunities with their existing IT infrastructure, so the summer plan offers:

  • increased flexibility in terms of timing and assistance provided;
  • links to demo recordings & trial accounts – please specify which partner demo you’d like to see (30-minute videos) and we’ll help you get started with your summer testing period; and
  • special partner packages (subscription discounts, onboarding support, extended/preferential trial periods, etc.) offered solely to InvestCEE’s professional community.
2024 LegalTech Testing Summer Program

➤ Assistance provided over the summer: given most of our tools are rich in functionality and can quickly overwhelm first-time users, we have learnt that kick-off calls and basic platform demos are truly helpful. Following a preliminary demo session, test users receive access to their own sandbox environment and are encouraged to play around for a couple of weeks. Support calls and Q&A sessions will also be flexibly available during summer.

➤ Need more guidance? Fill out the LegalTech Summer Testing contact form so we can share product reviews, case studies and demo recordings to help your team during the test period.

We invite you to make the most of the active summer days — explore our legal technology toolkit while work pressure is lower. You can also just leave us a note below to inquire about the 2024 testing program:

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