Are we a law firm?
Clearly no. Our services are ancillary to traditional legal advice.
Are we a funding platform?
No. We help connect LegalTech tools with end-users, but do not provide financial or investment advice.
Are we a business consultancy?
Exactly! We provide strategic advice on optimizing legal work processes. See our Services!

Our LegalTech consultancy team has legal & business background and a knack for legal process design. 

We focus on the strategic implementation of legal technology solutions in Central Eastern Europe (CEE). We source tools through our LegalTech Marketplace and help legal teams define and articulate their legaltech strategy. Our mission is to guide our clients to make the most of their investment into legal process innovation. 


dr. Orsolya Szabó


With 11+ yrs of BigLaw experience, Orsolya is now a pioneer of implementing LegalTech solutions in legal operations. Given her background as transaction lawyer on cross-border M&A and private equity deals, she is particularly involved with implementing AI technology for document review and legal data management. Orsolya is an ambassador for Hungary of the European Legal Tech Association and edits blogposts on NewLaw topics for FinTechZone.


Marie Bernard


For 15+ years Marie has been working in the field of innovation, business development and customer relations with professional service firms. She supports corporations and startups in their transformation strategy and its implementation. Bleu de Prusse, her service design boutique, focuses on a sustainable and profitable offering — over ‘innovation marketing’.  Marie also serves as a board member within the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA). As 2017 ‘Fastcase 50’ she was recognized among the world’s leading innovators in law, and is one of the Women of Legal tech 2018 for the ‘DACH’ region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Noemi Hofer InvestCEE business advisor

Noémi Hofer


Noémi Hofer is an experienced economist with legal specialization (including international tax expertise) who spent more than 20 years mainly in the C-suite of large Hungarian and multinational corporations. She has been involved in many company transformations, changes in corporate culture and attitude. In 2018, Noémi established her own financial advisory agency to share her vast knowledge and experience with small and medium-sized corporate clients. She is interested in innovative solutions at the intersection of business and law that make our life better both in commercial and private terms. In 2017, Forbes ranked Noémi among the 20 most influential Hungarian women in the Business category.

investscee legaltech team

Anna Kappéter


Anna is a strategic business thinker with relevant experience in market activation, lead generation, deal structuring and value proposition for innovative solutions. With 10+ years business and industry experience, Anna is enthusiastic about using LegalTech for better alignment between business units and legal departments. She believes LegalTech is essentially a tool for increased business intelligence.


Ferenc Forián-Szabó

UI/UX & Graphic Designer

With a professional portfolio of online and offline graphic design and UI/UX design projects, Ferenc joined the InvestCEE team to explore the benefits of design thinking methodology in legal and business context. While service design (and specifically legal design) is becoming a trend in professional services, applying it in practice requires dedicated attention. In legal innovation context, Ferenc is leading projects that help visualize complex professional content and make tech-assisted legal services more user friendly.


Róbert Nagy


After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Róbert joined the InvestCEE team to explore using smart technology in legal and business context. He is particularly interested to see AI based technology enter the mainstream and is committed to help turn it for the benefit of humankind.

Barbi portré_kisebb

Barbara Balázs


Barbara graduated from the Faculty of Law at Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania) in 2019 and is currently pursuing a masters degree in European Private Law. She joined the InvestCEE team to help shape the fields of law and business by using technology and her strong skillset in languages and translation. 


András Sárosi


Currently studying at Warwick law and business school in Coventry, England, András also spares time for continuing his internship with InvestCEE. With his interest focused on the intersection of law, business and technology, András dedicates time and effort to acquire a range of skills and competencies required by the evolving legal and business sectors and formulating his own vision of implementing LegalTech solutions for the benefit of both.

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