Document Automation for legal teams with ClauseBase

Document Automation with ClauseBase

ClauseBase offers a suite of legal drafting tools, consisting of:

            • ClauseBuddy – an MS Word plugin, and
            • Clause9 – the most powerful document automation software on the market.

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ClauseBuddy cover

ClauseBuddy is an AI-powered toolbox of legal drafting solutions that lives inside MS Word and Outlook. With a rich clause library, smart templates, and AI-powered document analysis, it allows you to draft smarter, review faster, and negotiate better.

ClauseBuddy offers legal drafters a range of different solutions to assist with their biggest challenges:

  • Draft smarter – ClauseBuddy features automatic clause extraction from your own precedents as well as a library of millions of sample clauses. You can also create a library of standardized clauses and automated smart templates for more effective knowledge management.
  • Review faster – AI-powered document analysis allows you to spot drafting errors before they cause any damage. ClauseBuddy also offers AI-powered document review that allows you to instantly check entire documents against your contract policy.
  • Negotiate better – ClauseBuddy features tons of quality-of-life improvements to assist you in selecting the right fallback clauses, visualize your organisation’s drafting playbook, and find inspiration for drafting compromises.

Quick overview:

Clause9 cover

Clause9 is the most advanced full-document automation software on the market. By virtue of its clause-based approach, deep multilingual power and advanced capabilities, it enables you to draft bespoke documents at scale.

  • Clause-Based – Most knowledge systems want to be everything to everyone, storing any kind of knowledge, in any format. Jacks of all trades, but masters of none. In Clause9, knowledge management revolves around clauses and clauses only. Centrally store a clause’s body text, title, translations, legal nuances, internal comments,… and interactively “build” documents by stacking clauses on top of each other.
  • Build clause libraries – Clause9 allows you to neatly store all your clauses, reuse them across different documents, and augment them with important metadata so you can always retrieve the right content. In mere seconds.
  • Create intelligent clauses – Clauses can be built to automatically adapt to the contract they are dropped into — like a chameleon that changes colour to match its environment.
  • Control your versions – Keep track of each clause’s history, and easily swap between old and new versions of a clause. For example, the old version of a certain clause may need to be used for three more months before being replaced by the newer version. This version control is perfect for compliance reasons, or when legislative changes do not neatly come into effect at the same time.

Quick overview:

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