Document Automation for legal teams with ClauseBase

Document Automation with ClauseBase

ClauseBase is a legal drafting software built by lawyers, for lawyers. It enables the creation of
bespoke, multilingual contracts in a matter of minutes, allowing lawyers to focus on actual legal reasoning and providing strategic value.

ClauseBase Document Automation
As a secure, cloud-based software that does not require any installation or IT knowledge, ClauseBase makes the drafting process simple and efficient, enabling legal teams to:
  • Build a rich library of templates and clauses that is easy to browse with powerful search functionality;
  • Empower business users by enabling them to generate quality documents through an intuitive questionnaire;
  • Easily enforce company or customer house styles;
  • Centrally manage and update templates and clauses; and
  • Ensure consistency between different language versions — with deep language support for 28 different languages.

ClauseBase is an effective, intuitive, and affordable document drafting tool that benefits law firms and corporate legal departments. We advise our clients to explore ClauseBase if they aim to:

    • develop template clauses that act as intelligent building blocks for simple or complex legal documentation;
    • ensure consistency and coherence regarding terminology, grammar, styling, language, cross-references, definitions, legal nuance, etc;
    • add legal intelligence to clauses (e.g., legal domain, formality, length, obligation strength, etc.) and
    • access powerful search functionalities and easily find the adequate clause for the situation at hand.

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Getting Started with ClauseBase

 Transitioning from Word-based drafting habits to automated document generation is typically a digitization step much appreciated by business partners –external clients and internal business units alike. To help overcome transformation challenges and equip legal teams with smart drafting solutions, our legaltech advisors are at your disposal and can provide guidance with customizing automated templates and organizing existing legal content.

To share the know-how, ClauseBase prepared several free brochures to helps lawyers: (1) innovate their service delivery, (2) leverage knowledge management in their teams, and (3) boost productivity. Contact us so we can send you a copy of the brochures!

ClauseBase for Lawyers and Legal Engineers

ClauseBase introduces a paradigm shift to the world of contract drafting and document automation by taking a clause-based approach to contract automation instead of a template-based approach. While it does not require any installation or other dependence on IT experts, introductory training is typically helpful for legal engineers, i.e., those lawyers who will create new clauses for end-users (their clients) and thus work on the back-end (editor) side of ClauseBase. Get in touch with us for a customized demo and to schedule an introductory training session.

Finally, here are a few screenshots from the ClauseBase user platform — note how smart search (keywords and similarity search) is integrated with browsing for existing clauses or creating new blocks of text:

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