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Contract Mill

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Contract Mill

Contract Mill is a document automation + document generation platform that helps digitize legal work through interactive templates. Contract Mill enables lawyers to:

  • package legal expertise into interactive document templates
  • create strategic value for clients in the initial phase of document generation: by more efficiently managing first drafts of legal documents
  • retain full control of the first drafts by crafting questionnaire based document templates for end-users (internal or external clients)
  • offer end-users a streamlined process to provide input to legal documents. 

Contract Mill enables optimization for both internal processes and client-facing legal work. By carefully preparing templates from the legal perspective, end-users from any department or industry can access up-to-date, professionally crafted legal documents within minutes.

Document Automation with Contract Mill

Document Automation with Contract Mill is an intuitive step-by-step process:

  1. Upload document templates of your organization to Contract Mill.
  2. Highlight text to be automated with the mouse automation can focus on words, sentences or entire paragraphs. For this, consider the details you would expect the end-user (internal or external client) to fill in.
  3. Create an intuitive list of questions for the end-user ↠ this will be the smart questionnaire that guides the end-users to create the document (fill in answers) on their own.
  4. Add instructions to the questions ↠ this will provide more in-depth guidance to your end-users.
  5. Make use of the clause library ↠ add new clauses to your library or create new clauses for future use. want the end-user to fill in.
  6. Use the ‘send link’ or ‘widget’ functionalities of Contract Mill to share the questionnaire with end-users they can simply answer the questions you have prepared for them!
  7. Contract Mill will do the rest of the work: the answers will be automatically embedded in the template you have uploaded in Step 1 above!
  8. Document generation: end-users can now download the ready-made first draft of the legal document and use it in further work streams (forward for review, make further amendments, proceed to execution, etc).

document automation contract mill investcee legaltech
Top tips for in-house legal teams:
  • prepare “self-service widgets” to generate templates for other departments
  • regularly update document templates for the entire organization to make sure that the documents generated by various departments are fully compliant at all times
  • manage legal know-how by adding model clauses and best practice tips into the document templates
  • train juniors and new team members through the workflow embedded into the document templates
Top tips for law firms:
  • create new revenue streams by selling automation projects to clients
  • use the “self-check-in documents” feature to automatically update documents with client input
  • sell your brain and not your time with the “do-it-yourself-documents” feature
  • productize legal work by selling “self-service widgets” to clients
  • ensure knowledge management by creating templates from firm know-how
document automation contract mill
Key Benefits to Document Automation with Contract Mill:
  • Boost efficiency and profitability by saving up to 70% of the time required to generating first drafts by minimizing manual repetitive work;
  • Enable effective knowledge management: by implementing internal policies, model clauses and best practices into the document automation processes, companies can retain know-how when and where needed and get new team members quickly up to speed;
  • Enable lean processes and empower colleagues: by automating workflows, colleagues can do more independent work and business owners can focus more on their vision and goals;
  • Create new business opportunities and revenue streams for law firms that offer document automation services to their clients; and
  • Keep full control over the actions lawyers allow the end-users (internal or external clients) to take with respect to the first drafts of legal document.

For more inspiration on using Contract Mill in everyday legal work, take a look at our webinar recording:
Document Generation Webinar ELTA live

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