digital contracting streamline legal process dealsign

digital contracting dealsign

As a digital contracting platform, Dealsign enables users to negotiate, sign and manage contracts online. It helps optimize and streamline contracting processes for businesses of any size.

Key features include: template management, advanced security e-signature, real-time (synchronized) negotiation tool, redline and version tracking, as well as dashboard and analytics for contract database.

digital contracting streamline legal process dealsign
Dealsign has developed a solution for each step of the contract life cycle:
  • contract template management: creating templates online, extracting first drafts from templates and sending to users (internally or externally);

  • online collaboration and contract negotiationreal-time, online negotiation with synchronized document use, all document changes tracked and versions stored;

  • approval and signing: optional approval flow, easy and secure digital signature with advanced security level ratings by EU and US standards;

  • contract archiving with integrated intelligent search function: storage, contract management and fast search into contract database details; and

  • dashboard with notifications and analytics: personalized tool with relevant reminders and insights into business performance.
digital contracting online negotiation dealsign
Dealsign enhances compliance & provides security for digital contracting:
  • Secure Data: significant risk reduction with all contracts stored securely in one place and data in sync.
  • Bulletproof compliance: secure audit trails on Dealsign ensure a complete record of your end-to-end digital contracting processes.
  • Legally binding electronic signature: reduced legal risk in contract execution. Dealsign digital signature complies with eIDAS, ESIGN and other major regulations, and is rated Advanced Security Level by EU and US standards. It’s advanced security level features make it more secure than most other digital signature services on the market.
Download the presentation for further insights:

Dealsign Presentation


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