Digital transformation in legal processes with DocDigitzer

Handling relevant information embedded in documents is essential to triggering business processes and populating business transactions with key data. Documents are designed to be read by humans and organizations typically rely on manual work (and costly effort hours) to identify and manage data included in documentation.

What if you could rely on an intelligent solution to help create a digital database and automate your document handling processes?

Digital transformation

How does DocDigitizer enable Digital Transformation?

Paper based documents, but even PDFs or images are not prepared to be digested automatically by enterprise systems. DocDigitizer uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) combined with Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technology to support document analysis, text and meta data extraction.


With its state of the art cognitive OCR technology (powered by Machine Learning), DocDigitizer enables:

  • the efficient and reliable data capture from unstructured documents
  • transforming key information into a digital database
  • accessible and structured knowledge management within corporate departments
  • transition to a paperless organization.


Here are some key benefits to using DocDigitizer for digital transformation projects:


Digital transformation

Digital transformation in the legal field is a particularly complex task. We at InvestCEE combine our strategic consultancy services with the specific features of DocDigitizer to help you better manage this process.

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