GoodID's Eazy KYC Solution for Business Interactions


GoodID is an innovative web solution that enables remote identification, data and document capture, and digitized contracting processes, transforming the way you interact with employees, clients and business partners.

How GoodID Enables Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Processes
  1. Remote Identification: As a registered trust service provider, GoodID offers a secure digital wallet application for rapid and accurate remote client identification. This first step of the KYC process is based on using photo IDs and other government-issued documents.
  2. Automated Data Capture: GoodID helps streamline administrative tasks with real-time digital scanning of documents, powered by AI for error-free processing.
  3. Electronic Signature: GoodID provides an advanced level electronic signature solution that enables efficient document execution legally equivalent to a paper signature, ensuring secure transactions across jurisdictions.

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GoodID Eazy KYC infographic
GoodID’s “Eazy KYC” Product Helps Streamline Digital Identity Verification
Key Features:
  • Advanced Identification Technology: GoodID’s selfie identification service is 100% compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements and enables certified identification proof
  • Global Document Recognition: GoodID utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) and near field communication (NFC) technologies to read a wide range of identity documents from around the world
  • Secure Data Management: GoodID enables end-to-end encrypted connections and a customizable dashboard for easy management of business documents
  • Effortless Integration: As a ready-to-use web solution, GoodID’s “Eazy KYC” product can be integrated with minimal effort with existing IT systems in any organization, irrespective of jurisdiction of operation and industry background.
Certifications and Compliance

“Eazy KYC” is fully compliant with applicable regulations and certified for its secure and reliable operations.

Certifications and Compliance Certificates GoodID
GoodID’s “Eazy KYC” Product is Ideal for
  • Financial service providers,
  • Life insurance companies,
  • Sales agents,
  • Recruitment agencies, and
  • HR departments looking for a streamlined digital onboarding and contracting process.
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