Legal business development platform with KeyVision


Legal Business Development with KeyVision

Legal business development & matter management platform for law firms of all sizes

KeyVision is a complete legal business development and management platform designed for legal professionals. It was specifically developed to help lawyers run an efficient and profitable legal services business. KeyVision enables legal teams of all sizes to better manage matters and projects, track business performance and access detailed reports on legal service analytics.

Key features of KeyVision:

#1 Time Tracking

  • Quick timesheet: to register every time you work on legal matters or internal issues and get a visual feedback on progress.
  • Timer: start the timer and do your magic. When the job is done, save the activity. Just a click away.
  • Work in progress: keep track on your unbilled timesheets. KeyVision includes a full timesheets approval flow, with decision to create invoice or just hold them for later.
  • Real-time performance metrics: reports can be broken down by lawyer, team or practice. Delivered straight to your dashboard.

#2 Billing

  • Manage your matters: create simple or complex matters, define major activities as references, add some billing rules and you are good to go.
  • Simple yet powerful billing configurations: blended and adapted, per seniority or custom fees. Add budgets, cap fees, retainers, subscriptions or discounts as you deem appropriate for a given matter.
  • Easy invoicing: automated invoice calculation. Real time dashboard updates wherever there’s a new timesheet registered.
  • Collection: overdue payments monitoring and alerting. Embedded collection flow, so you can focus on what’s really important.

#3 Sales & Marketing

  • Leads & Proposals: define potential new clients, create & send proposals, follow-up the status. Register the feedback and transform the lead to a new client.
  • Dedicated dashboard: overview of your sales and marketing activities with a set of embedded KPIs and other tailored insights.
  • Submissions, contributions & referrals: manage everything you need to be on top of all marketing activities. Have everything organized and never miss a deadline.
  • Event management: manage all internal and external events. Register participants, status and feedback. Goodbye, excels!

#4 Internal & Client-facing Reporting

  • Dedicated reports for each role: operational reports, firm overview, financial and performance insights. All in one place, available for specific user groups.
  • Billing & collection reports: work in progress, overdues, collection by customer, top customers and more. Ready made.
  • Customer, project & lawyer dashboards: performance insights for each of them. Current year, previous year or custom time periods. Average fee, profit or total revenue calculations, and a lot more.
  • Budgeting and P&L: define monthly budgets and let KeyVision do the rest, showing you the current status as well as the actual vs. budget analysis, firm-wise or by practice.

#5 Security

  • SSL-encryption: all KeyVision accounts use SSL-encrypted connections by default – the same level of security used by online banks. Access to servers or customer data is very strict and protected.
  • Strictly controlled access and data: by using KeyVision, you never send or receive sensitive information in plain-text. KeyVision systems and processes adhere to industry best practices in security.

Take a virtual tour of the KeyVision legal business development platform (screenshots with mock data) below. For more practical insights, schedule a demo workshop below!

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