Turning Legal Big Data into Business Insights with Nalytics

Nalytics is an intelligent search platform: it enables a more accurate review of legal big data sets than the traditional (manual) search of document contents. Given the specifics of its search engine, Nalytics provides highly precise access to the context and contents of files – irrespective of the size and language of the dataset.

Nalytics helps turn legal big data into business insights by:

  • ensuring quick and precise search of document contents (e.g., identifying relevant contract clauses);
  • extracting quantitative reports from the reviewed document set (e.g., number of documents containing or missing certain clauses); and
  • discovering key information from large document sets (e.g., insights for improved decision making and strategy).

Legal research and document review projects are in most cases still traditionally undertaken by repetitive manual work — even in the case of extremely large data sets. What if there was a better way of finding key information? Making sense of legal big data in a more efficient and affordable manner, while reducing human error is possible with advanced (semantic search) technology.

Going beyond the keyword search paradigm, Nalytics® utilises the inherent structure of documents and texts to provide a fast and accurate search experience. Irrespective of the language of the data set, results are returned within their context (e.g., full sentence or paragraph) allowing immediate review of relevance. Combined with a carefully designed search strategy (aligned with the specific requirements of the project), legal big data can be more efficiently turned into valuable business insights.

Legal Big Data Analytics with Nalytics
Nalytics supports Legal Big Data Analytics in a number of ways:
  • Improve Contract Analysis Process
    Contract analysis may be carried out by law firms or legal departments for any number of reasons: appraising an organisation’s contractual obligations, responding to changes in legislation/organisational policy, or identifying contracts containing non-standard clauses, there are certain characteristics which are commonly associated with these activities. Nalytics provides a powerful support to:

Compare Contracts (to each other, or to a template)
Nalytics can identify and surface the clauses within each contract, helping to enable efficient cross-contract clause analysis.

Classify Contracts
Nalytics automatically classifies contracts by type, so that you can quickly and easily choose which type of contract(s) you want to work with.

Identify Non-Standard Legal Clauses
Nalytics automatically identifies any contracts with clauses or content that does not match your organisation’s standards, so that you can review them and take necessary action.

Surface Key Data Points
Nalytics automatically identifies key data points within your contracts, such as currency, durations and people, and makes them visible to you.

Keep Track of Key Events
Nalytics can identify and extract specifc date types so that finding dates and navigating to exactly where they occur can be done at the click of a button.


  • Reduce Time (and Human Effort Hours) Spent on Legal Research
    Complex cases require plenty and costly hours of manual work spent on legal research. Nalytics can help law firms and corporate legal departments significantly reduce the time spent on locating and reviewing relevant cases, legislation or complex industry guidelines for any specific field of expertise.


  • Enhance Discovery in Litigation, Compliance and Regulatory Matters
    Law firms and corporate legal departments can spend weeks sifting through documents to find the information they need to build a case. This is especially true in today’s electronic discovery age, where a lawyer may be forced to turn over years of legal big data (including emails and files). With Nalytics, law firms and corporate legal teams can find the information they need in a matter of minutes.


  • Apply Predictive Analytics to Show Trends
    Legal big data analytics may be used to predict the behavior of judges, juries, and venues based on past cases tried in those environments. By having access to this data early on, law firms and corporate legal teams can prepare accordingly – Nalytics can provide trend and sentiment analysis on legal big data.

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