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Cloud-based legal practice management for lawyers

Moving legal practice management to the cloud especially suits small to mid-size law firms and solo practitioners who lack the time, money, skills (and interest) to manage their own IT themselves.

Key features of Matters.Cloud legal practice management tool

#1 Client and matter management: workflow mapping and tracking with templates, timelines, milestones, tasks, reminders, commitments. The Matters.Cloud matter dashboard visualises a matter’s real-time status, key financial indicators, and provides one-click access to all categories of information about a matter, including tasks and documents (files).

#2 Finance and time recording: Matters.Cloud provides built-in time recording, expense capture, and invoicing, multi-currency support and tax compliance. The platform also integrates with FreeAgent and Xero cloud-based accounting platforms to enhance a firm’s financial management with additional capabilities like payroll and tax compliance.

#3 Document management in the cloud: Matters.Cloud focuses on its core competency—flexible, innovative matter and practice management. It leverages Dropbox and Google Drive for document storage. 

#4 Business intelligence: Matters.Cloud includes essential reporting on key performance indicators, like time and resource expenditures, billing, profitability, etc. Those metrics can surprise a lawyer who moves from zero visibility to a holistic, flexible view. A clean, simple approach like with Matters.Cloud helps make business intelligence user-friendly.

#5 Managing business development: with Matters.Cloud law firm business intelligence starts at the opportunity stage. The platform integrates the client development and exploration phase into the platform to enable lawyers to track the valuable work it takes to land a new client or matter, and to leverage the information gathered pre-engagement. Opportunities can be converted to revenue-generating matters by one click.

#6 Data security: Matters.Cloud incorporates “security by design”: each firm’s data is stored in a dedicated database, not shared; data is encrypted both in motion and at rest.

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Cloud-based legal practice management can level the legal services playing field provided that it’s well designed and makes working easier and more enjoyable than traditional ways of working. Take a look at the Matters.Cloud platform gallery below or schedule a live demo with us:

The Matters.Cloud legal practice management tool was designed to support digital legal services across the globe in a transparent and cost-conscious manner. The platform covers several data regions and supports 16 languages, including a number of local languages in the CEE region.

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