Matter management for in-house legal teams with Xakia Technologies

Xakia is a corporate legal matter management software purpose built for in-house lawyers to track projects and workflows, manage external legal costs and create visual reports on legal work with automated dashboards.

Xakia (pronounced Zakia) improves legal matter management by helping corporate legal teams to:
  • streamline intake of legal work and prioritize tasks received from various business units;
  • track legal budget and optimize internal and external resource allocation;
  • improve visibility of the legal team’s workload;
  • alert the team to upcoming deadlines; and
  • track and visualize legal data in automated dashboards and reports.
Legal Operations eBook

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Xakia is an effective, intuitive, and affordable matter management tool that corporate legal departments truly enjoy using. Get in touch to inquire about prior projects where we helped CEE legal teams adopt Xakia.  We found that it provides greater control and visibility over legal workloads and helps better demonstrate the value created by legal teams through automated dashboards and reporting. Used as a hub to collect all sorts of legal data, Xakia drives efficiency for corporate legal teams, with a focus on minimizing the administrative burden on lawyers to achieve this outcome. As a cloud based, SaaS product, Xakia is scalable for teams of any size at a reasonable price.

Getting used to a data-driven legal function can be overwhelming, yet typically a transition much appreciated by business units. To help overcome the challenges and empower legal teams with better access to legal data, InvestCEE teamed up with Xakia. We jointly support legal teams of all sizes and industry backgrounds across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

To share the know-how, Xakia prepared a free eBook “In-House Legal Data Analytics for Beginners” that helps lawyers: (1) learn how to start collecting legal department data with minimal headaches, (2) benchmark legal data metrics against anonymous data collected by peers in the same industry and region, and (3) receive inspiration for how to make better, more well-informed decisions about resourcing, budgeting and overall management of corporate legal work. Contact us so we can send you a copy of the eBook!

Finally, here’s a video for a quick overview of the Xakia platform!

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