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Zefort contract management

LegalTech Testing:

2024 Summer Program

June 15 –  August 31

Thank you for your interest with this year’s legaltech testing program! Summer is the best time to surpass workday routines and try something new. This flexible summer program has been very helpful for our professional community over the last years, and we’re delighted to offer it again in 2024. Registration is free and ongoing.

Please use the below contact form to:

Inquire about our legaltech solution partners and ask questions about their product features:

      • Zefort >> zero effort contract management
      • Xakia >> in-house legal hub, matter management, reporting
      • M-Files Ment >> visual document automation for lawyers
      • Matters.Cloud >> legal practice management
      • ClauseBase >> clause library & dynamic legal drafting
      • Dealsign >> end-to-end digital contracting & negotiation
      • Nalytics >> smart search & data analytics for lawyers
      • GoodID >> customer identification & e-signature portal

Get links to demo recordings & trial accounts – please specify which partner demo you’d like to see (30-minute videos) and we’ll help get started with your summer testing period; and

➤ Access the special partner packages (subscription discounts, onboarding support, extended/preferential trial periods, etc.) offered solely to InvestCEE’s professional community.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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