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Using digital tools in legal work is increasingly relevant for value-added legal services. Legal and business teams need to become comfortable with applying smart solutions in daily repetitive workflows. We launched our LegalTech Workshop series in the fall of 2018, to help transition towards digital-ready legal and business departments.

And the feedback on the LegalTech Workshop initiative  has been so positive! These digital trainings seem to be a flexible yet safe setting for legal and business teams to learn about legal technology, test digital solutions on their own documents and identify strategic long-term goals for legal functions.

LegalTech Workshop Registration Questionnaire: Widget Powered by Contract Mill

In order to better understand specific digital training needs of our clients, we automated the LegalTech Workshop registration questionnaire through our partner platform Contract Mill. When drafting documents that require input from the other party (typically also the case for legal documents and in any business context), document automation platforms prove rather handy. There are a couple key features in Contract Mill that set their platform apart from competitors and are particularly helpful. Here’s our shortlist, for more details, see the Contract Mill profile on our LegalTech Marketplace.

#1 Highly user-friendly interface

The intuitive modules for creating questions and adding several answer options (free text, single choice or multiple choice answers) enable professionals to easily create questionnaire-based document templates for their clients.

#2 Ability to automate complex document bundles

The LegalTech Workshop registration questionnaire is a simple example of document automation. Most of our clients, however, turn to us for assistance with complex Word files that often include various annexes and attachments. The ability to separately automate each schedule and (if neceessary) also attach PDF files to automated templates is a very useful feature of Contract Mill. Ability to solve automation of complex documents is essential for sophisticated legal and business departments.

#3 Ability to create links and widgets

Once a questionnaire-based document template is ready to be shared with an end-user (internal or external client), this is made possible via document links or widgets. While links may be shared via e-mail or other online messages, widgets have a computed code behind them that enable for a “create document button” to be shared publicly on a website or on the intranet of a company. The widget function is a key feature that truly sets Contract Mill apart from its competitors. To find out how Contract Mill widgets work in practice, take a look here:

LegalTech Workshop: Registration QuestionnaireCreate document

We are all aware that repetitive manual work is slow, inefficient, person dependent and nonscalable. Instead, a well-crafted questionnaire can bring valuable efficiencies for all parties involved. The party that creates the questionnaire (typically lawyers in law  firms or legal departments) is able to retain quality control over document content, for instance legal compliance aspects. The end-user of a questionnaire-based document can focus on the specific input required and not worry about continuously updating the document to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Let us know if you need any help with getting started with document automation, we are here to help!

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