LegalTech Workshops

To help implement LegalTech solutions in practice, we provide hands-on assistance to corporate legal departments and law firms. For this, we organize public meetups and offer customized legaltech workshops. At these events, we share our portfolio of LegalTech vendors, provide user trainings and strategic advice on LegalTech use cases.

Join us for one of the upcoming public events or contact us for customized training or workshop details!

legaltech strategy 2019 workshop

LegalTech Strategy 2019:

Private Workshop

LegalTech solutions overview, strategy toolkit and more

2019 Q1 2-hour sessions

Client premises

LegalTech should not be magic. Learning to use tech-assisted tools in legal work is part of the paradigm shift currently happening in corporate legal operations and legal services. We at InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy are committed to providing hands-on assistance to using digital solutions in legal work. Our mission is to help clients provide increasingly value-added legal services.

The LegalTech Strategy 2019 Workshop is a customized training for legal teams. The workshop includes an introductory module and a series of 2-hour sessions focusing on specific client need. We provide:

  • an overview of LegalTech trends and solutions;
  • product demos from our Marketplace portfolio — according to client need, typically digital contracting platforms, workflow management, legal data analytics and document management tools;
  • identifying strategic goals for the respective team for 2019; and
  • insights into pilot project planning and long-term change management goals.

Presentations and product demos at the LegalTech Strategy 2019 Workshop are in Hungarian and/or English languages. The workshop is fixed-priced and team attendance is limited to 10 participants per session.

Please use the below link to register your interest in hosting a strategic legaltech workshop for your team. Please include client specific details (e.g., industry, team size etc.) into the “Notes” section of the fill-out form provided.

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