Webinar Video: Legal Innovation Pilot Project - InvestCEE Legal Innovation Pilot

Webinar Video: Legal Innovation Pilot Project

ELTA Live: Make Your Innovation Pilots Worth It! webinar by European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) Board member and InvestCEE advisor Marie Bernard. This webinar walks you through the key elements to have in mind before you launch a legal innovation pilot and commit your (and your company’s) time, money and energy. From the due diligence phase to the pilot environment and strategic alignment, Marie Bernard introduces compact, practical learnings drawing on the legal industry and beyond.

Key take-aways from the webinar “Make your Innovation Pilots Worth it!“:

  1. Pilots are an incredibly valuable source of learning for all parties. But they are not an end in themselves – unless your strategy is name-dropping or startup washing.
  2. The real win-win situation happen when all parties get either valuable user feedback or valuable customer feedback throughout the process, preferably in a lean environment. Icing on the cake: a positive purchase/deployment decision!
  3. Whether you are a solution provider or a potential customer, convergence of interests is key! Align on a preliminary pilot briefing including desired input, desired outcome and desired impact.
  4. Our level of efficiency is not always optimal, which incurs painful sales cycles for vendors (in particular startups) and waste of time, money, energy, credibility… for potential buyers.
  5. We should share our best practices (and certain pilot management templates/checklists) to become more mature and effective in the way we collectively do legal innovation pilot projects on legaltech.

Take a look at the webinar video and get in touch with us with any questions on launching legal innovation pilot projects:

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