Legal technology consulting and humanizing technology in law

Innovating legal processes & humanizing technology in law

Our Mission & Values

In the context of legal innovation, our mission is to enable engagement with legal technology tools (LegalTech) in a creative and transformative manner across Central Eastern Europe (CEE). We inspire and work with our clients to optimize legal work, package traditional ways of working into technology and design new legal service delivery models.

We help source technology primarily through our LegalTech Marketplace, provide strategic consulting on legal innovation and organize workshops to plan projects and facilitate implementation. With our ecosystem of tools & services, we help corporate legal departments and law firms transition towards increasingly value-added legal and business processes.

We believe in the thoughtful, human approach to both business and technology. Accordingly, we continuously expand our LegalTech Marketplace with select LegalTech vendors and join forces with dedicated teams to help improve legal operations through LegalTech. We firmly believe that optimizing legal work empowers organizations across CEE to adequately respond to changing business and regulatory dynamics.




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