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Managed Legal Services Bucerius Conference

Bucerius Workshop on Managed Legal Services

Managed Legal Services is a new breed of standardized legal service offerings. Supported by legal technology, Managed Legal Services are typically deployed to meet the growing demand from in-house counsel for solutions to complex problems that must be capable of being integrated into the client’s own systems and processes. Workshop by Bucerius CLP with contribution from InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy team!
Contract Data Management Legal Data Analytics by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy

5-Step Plan for Contract Data Analytics

Smart data management, contract analytics or AI-assisted contract management are some of the various terms used to describe technology tools that help more efficiently access and assess information embedded in contracts. While traditional document management systems force us to carry out and execute routine operations manually (like searching for specific phrases or sections in contracts, reporting on contract data, etc), smart technology helps to automate most of these manual tasks.
Legal Design Helsinki 2019 LDS2019 take away notes

Takeaway Notes from LDS2019: Why Does Legal Design Matter?

In September 2019, the third edition of the Legal Design Summit (#LDS2019) took place in Helsinki, Finland. With its six hundred participants from all around the world, #LDS2019 was the largest legal design event so far -- and the first event of its kind that the InvestCEE professional designer team attended. In this blog post, we share the take-away notes by our designer Forián-Szabó Ferenc.
legal design summit helsinki 2019

Helsinki Legal Design Summit

Legal Design Summit is the world's largest legal design event held in Helsinki on the 13th of September 2019. InvestCEE team is attending to be part of this unique forum for forward-thinking professionals and to exchange knowledge and expertise on law, design and digital services through interdisciplinary collaboration.
CEE legaltech research study 2019 investcee

Top LegalTech Contributors in CEE – 2019 Research & Study

In 2019, InvestCEE launched a project to determine and quantify key players enabling innovation of legal services across Central Eastern Europe (CEE). We are quite excited about this first regional study aimed to examine a new market currently carving out an innovative aspect of legal services, often referred to as newlaw. This blogpost is a sneak peek into our research project and the more detailed report to follow.
Innovative Legal Services Forum 2019 InvestCEE Workshops

Takeaway Notes from ILSF2019: Strategy, Structure & Culture for Legal Innovation

Growing from a simple idea into a dominant legal innovation event in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) was as quick as lightning for the Innovative Legal Services Forum (ILSF). Our team shared know-how at two interactive and practical workshops on the pre-conference day just to see specific aspects of our approach reinforced by a number of speakers on the main conference day. This blogpost contains our takeaway notes and an excerpt of our workshops.
Document Automation Webinar ELTA live

Document Automation Webinar: Takeaway Notes & Video

On May 15, 2019, InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy hosted a webinar organized by the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) regarding practical aspects of implementing document automation for law firms and corporate legal departments. The panel of experts included Kaisa Kromhof and Hannele Korhonen from our legaltech partner Contract Mill.
ELTA Live webinar Document Automation

ELTA Live: Document Automation — The Back-End Tool for Legal Service Delivery

The upcoming public event of the ELTA Live webinar series will focus on document automation as a key back-end tool for legal service delivery. The Document Automation Webinar is free to attend but requires prior registration HERE. In the context […]
business and law talks

{Emberek + jogi/üzleti folyamatok} x technológia

A digitalizáció új üzleti folyamatokat és – ezen belül – újragondolt jogi folyamatokat igényel. Jelenleg a jogászok munkája még “párhuzamos” az üzleti élettel, a digitális átállás viszont szükségszerűvé teszi az üzleti és jogi folyamatok összehangolását. Az adatvezérelt szervezetekben az adatokhoz […]
alternative legal service thomson reuters report

The Growing Market of Newlaw Services

Thomson Reuters recently issued their report, ‘Alternative Legal Services Providers 2019’ (the 2019 ALSP Report), which assesses the impact of newlaw players across the legal services industry. The study’s sample of 550+ decision makers was drawn from the US, Canada […]

ELTA Live: Making Women-centric initiatives worth it

More and more community or corporate initiatives are women-centric. At the eve of the International Women’s Day 2019, let’s look at the goals and effectiveness of various ‘Women in Legal’ programs. Policies, operational changes, new skills and mindset training: what […]
legal data analytics whitepaper

Adopting Data Analytics in Legal Work

Using analytics in legal work is not an abstract future. Intelligent search platforms are today's reality that help both law firms and legal departments in deploying a data analytics strategy. Why is data mining relevant in legal context? It provides law firms and legal departments better business insights, improved decision-making and a differentiating toolkit for value-added services.
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