GDPR tool from Nalytics Technologies for better compliance

A GDPR tool to help locate personal data quickly and accurately.

Key benefits:

Save Time – Nalytics facilitates the fast, precise and accurate location of personal information.

Increase Efficiency – Nalytics can reduce the time spent by organisations on Data Subject Access Requests.

Reduce Risk – Nalytics helps you minimise the risk of breaching GDPR rules.

Nalytics is a search, discovery and analysis platform which extracts data from a wide range of sources to provide highly responsive, secure and accurate contextual access to the knowledge within. By bringing structure to seemingly unstructured data, Nalytics can uncover key information from data archives of all sizes, including quick and precise search of the contents of various documents (e.g., personal data or relevant contract clauses).

In providing tech-assisted solutions to our Clients we identified Nalytics as an effective GDPR tool that helps individuals, teams and entire organisations to more efficiently access and analyse personal data. We work together with Nalytics to enhance business insight, drive efficiencies and deliver process improvements. 

How can Nalytics support companies in their GDPR compliance?

GDPR tool from Nalytics

The Nalytics GDPR tool provides a range of capabilities which allow organisations to conform to GDPR requirements whilst reducing the inevitable strain that DSARs can put on resources.

  • Access large volumes of unstructured data in seconds to find personal data rapidly and consistently
  • Reduce the risk associated with DSARs by precisely locating personal data which may go overlooked through manual search
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Manage access rights to documents and folders
  • Review, compare and analyze contract clauses to comply with GDPR requirements
  • Generate and export reports to visualise findings in the case of internal or external GDPR audits
  • Access databases in any language, the Nalytics GDPR is language agnostic


The search paradigm has been established for a number of years and we are used to entering key words and being presented with an excess of results which may or may not be relevant – but what if there was a better way to find information? Nalytics® utilises the inherent structure of documents and textual data content in any language to provide a fast and accurate search experience. Results are returned within their context allowing immediate review of relevance, saving you time and effort in locating the right information at the right time.

The below is a popup site dedicated to Hungarian-language GDPR regulation. Here you can check for yourself and see how some basic functionalities of the language-agnostic smart search platform Nalytics work in practice:

GDPR tool Nalytics smart search
Nalytics legalAI intelligent search platform GDPR tool

Nalytics® is a unique cloud solution applying unique techniques for deconstructing data and index building. Take a look at this video to better understand how the semantic search functionalities work in the Nalytics GDPR tool:

Nalytics® makes it easier, faster and more cost-effective for users to prepare Subject Access Request (SAR) responses.

Users can automatically locate documents containing personal data, identify occurrences of personal data relating to particular individuals, and rapidly redact sensitive or confidential information across data sets. Once relevant records have been collated, user can create a ZIP file from within the Nalytics platform to enable convenient distribution. Click video to see how to deal with SAR with Nalytics:

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