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contract analytics legal data management is an AI-assisted contract management tool. It supports smart access to key contract data. features improve legal & business intelligence and increase risk management functions in organizations.

Technology is a valuable tool in supporting automated and effortless contract management. With, processing, indexing and picking out key details from contract databases becomes focused and precise.

In providing consultancy and implementation services on Legal Big Data projects, we have partnered with to enable teams and organisations across the CEE region to optimize access to key contract data. is a cloud-based service that applies smart technology to receive, process and store any types of contracts with minimal effort from the client. Reach out to us if you are curious about a full demo of the platform and our value-added services in relation to

Key features of for Contract Management

Depending on the specific need, you can use to quickly archive contracts (by sending an e-mail to your own account) and keep them secure in the cloud for later search. Or, you can use as a collaboration platform to actively manage, search and share contracts with a global team.

Contract analytics key features
For improved contract management, consider the following step-plan using

1# Specify the attributes (metadata) you wish to extract from individual contracts

Depending on the use case, attributes may include information on the contract parties, expiration dates, service listings, payment obligations or other information. Metadata may include categories of attributes already used by the client or additional attributes to cover for current or future business cases. This specification stage requires close collaboration with the client to understand the actual use case and ensure an accurate search in the next phase.

#2 Use AI-based search engine to locate contract data

Based on the specification agreed with the client,’s artificial intelligence (AI) searches through hundreds or thousands of client contracts. Artificial intelligence typically manages to automatically recognize a part of the metadata attributes with great precision. With some metadata, the system requires human expertise to make the final interpretation.

#3 Designate a human expert team to optimize results

Client projects focused on extracting contract data require professional expertise for an optimal outcome. Artificial intelligence is able to replace manual search to a considerable extent, but the final interpretation of metadata and search results must be made by humans who understand the context and the purpose of the exercise. For this phase, we typically work with an expert team that includes client representatives and external consultants from InvestCEE and complements your existing processes and integrates with the major document management systems. saves and archives contracts digitally in one secure place with minimum effort. You get superb search and browsing capabilities, shared access and automatic reminders. AI-assisted processing makes contracts available on-demand to selected team members, enables rich searches and automation benefits, such as reminders. Here’s how:

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